Saturday, January 17, 2009

This is an example of an alternative to using a handrail next to a set of stairs and has been replicated at many skateparks across the world.

The steel plates shown here are used by the Department of Transportation in NYC to fix roads, but make perfect obstacles to skate on when placed in the proper positions. They can also be used in skatepark design to save cost to the city by using pre existing materials for a different use .

Using the curved bricks brings a nice flow to the wall and makes for a springboard-like transition that propels the skateboarder onto the railing.

Here is a perfect example of how a sculpture garden can also function as place to skate without causing damage to the art, due to the steel surface.

Using steel plate, this sculpture is indestructible by skateboarders and makes for interesting use of public space.

This would not be a skatespot if it were not for the bondo at the bottom of the obstacle used to make a smooth riding surface from ground to embankment.

In Japan, this is one example of art in motion. The railing is used as a fountain as well as an obstacle to be skated on, due to the slight embankments that propels the skateboarder onto the railing.

Here, the Parks & Recreation department is working with Open Road to place recycled marble from an excavated building site to a skatepark, where kids will use them for years.

Participatory design with athletes and landscape architect at Open Road Park in Lower Manhattan.

Here is some group idea sharing with a landscape architect to come up with some solutions for a skatepark design in Brooklyn.

This is an elementary school in Geneva Switzerland where they have a small mini ramp along side with the rest of the playground equipment. Though this obstacle may not be very challenging to an advanced skateboarder, it's the perfect size for a child or a beginner.

The embankment to railing here is used to safe guard bicycles from falling into the slope, but also makes a very fun place to skate when coming from either direction.

Although this seems to be a standard embankment behind these benches, the fine metal edge on top makes it great to skate and protects the cement from damage.

Check out the link above for a cool article of this particular spot in Barcelona.

These steps in Barcelona, Spain are perfect because you can ride from the embankment onto the steps and back to the next embankment.

In a middle sschool in Geneva a fountian doubles as a miniature bowl that has bumps to shoot off of. Very fun.

In the front of the University in Geneva in Switzerland sits a giant piece of steel that is challenging to skate because of its narrow width.

This is in a housing project in Paris, and the local kids play a sort of hybrid soccer on this all day, along with skateboarders.

This is a sun dial in Paris. It's also a perfect transition for skating.

Low and flowing to high. This is excellent it presents many options in the way it can be skated.

This bench is perfect for kids to skate because of its slight bend.

Famous Paris Waves are set across from a French city hall. This is one of the most fun places to skate in the world - not a skatepark but better.

Ikea Wave, Brooklyn. If one of these were built in a city park for kids to skate on, it would be amazing. Note the metal edges.

These skate stoppers aren't good for anyone - athletes or architects.
People can still skate here and the architects intended flow has been lost at a huge cost to the building. Had they consulted with a skateboarder they could have learned less visibly obstructive ways to prevent skateboarding in this location.